Welcome to the Mojave Yoga Collective

Here, you’ll find an approachable process, a comprehensive yoga teacher training program, and down-to-earth teachers. It’s time to kick scripted yoga and meaningless mantras to the curb. Come as you are, bring an open mind, and get ready to make connections (no, like real connections).

A west coast yoga school that takes a fresh approach to the art of sharing an ancient practice

Serving Las Vegas, Portland, and Vancouver

Hey, friend. We’re Kelsey and Nicki—and we’re psyched you found us! Like you, we’re not fans of the manufactured, mundane, and meaningless. So, we gathered our favorite people (read: long-time practitioners and experts in every arena from Ayurveda to anatomy) and worked to create a high-impact, hands-on yoga school for light-hearted, ready-to-learn yogis who don’t want to feel like they’re being churned out of a yoga teacher mill. (It's not too much to ask.)

If you’re up for a yoga teacher training experience that’s highly personal, rooted in real-world expertise, and designed to feel more like a supportive community than a sterile factory, we should probably meet.

Kelsey & Nicki 


We offer at least one 200-hour and one 300-hour yoga teacher training and multiple workshops throughout the year. Whether you're a weekend yogi seeking a fun handstand or meditation workshop—or a regular practitioner who wants to deepen your practice and earn your teacher certification—we have something wildly effective and crazy enjoyable for you (we promise). All you need is a mat, a curious mind, and a willingness to explore, unearth, and adventure with us.

Yoga Trainings & Workshops



“On the first day of class, I knew instantly that I had made the right choice. During those ten weeks, I developed an appreciation for all aspects of yoga, and felt free to explore how yoga fit into my life.”

Grab our free 60-minute class map. Flow and go. (We shouldn't have, we know). 


Care to join us?

We’re all about a stripped-down, down-to-earth approach to yoga teacher trainings and workshops—and we’d be lying if we said that wasn’t informed by the natural setting we call home. We might be biased—but we happen to think there’s no place on Earth like the West Coast. Here, you’ll find life thriving in unexpected places in Nevada's deserts, rebirth blooming from nothing but absence, and (our personal favorite) the smell of Ponderosa pines thick in the air after a good rainstorm on the Oregon coast. With epic mountains and trails waiting to be explored and plenty of room to roam—there's no place to practice quite like Las Vegas or the PNW.

Come play with us in all the best places.

Our west-coast roots