Not fluent in sanskrit? That’s cool. Not up for a headstand? No problem. Not a fan of forced team-building activities? Neither are we. If the MYC experience sounds like your kind of yoga school, welcome friend—we're so happy you landed here.

Mojave Yoga Collective is an independent, one-of-a-kind West Coast yoga school for the willing, curious, and ready to play. Designed for practitioners and yogis of all levels, our yoga teacher trainings and workshops take place in Las Vegas, Portland, and Vancour and combine both the science and tradition of the ancient practice in an approachable, refreshing format.

Our mission is to provide you a safe, friendly, and light-hearted atmosphere to explore yoga further. Whether your goal is to become a yoga teacher or simply deepen your practice, we're here to make yoga trainings accessible for everyone—which is why we embrace smaller class sizes, more intimate discussions, and a balance of intentionality and approachability in all that we teach.


An approachable Yoga School for All

Say hi, hey, hello to our founders...

With specialists in every arena—from restorative, prenatal, and yin yoga to pranayama and sutras—the Mojave Yoga Collective truly is a collective. You'll experience and benefit from the distinct expertise of each of our teachers—ultimately ensuring you walk away with a comprehensive education that covers every corner of this fun little thing we call yoga.


Hey, friend—I'm so glad you found MYC. I believe yoga can be about the moon-howling, third-eye-finding, soul-searching kind-of stuff—or it can be about the physical challenge: the core-strengthening, sweat-dripping, side-planking kind-of stuff. I like to balance both. After rolling out my mat for years, I eventually found myself looking for a way to deepen my practice, which led to attending my first yoga teacher training in 2010: a 200-hour Ashtanga Yoga training with Its Yoga in San Francisco. I've since completed a 50-hour Rocket Training with Ashta Yoga San Francisco and, most recently, a 300-hour Ashtanga Yoga training with Kranti Yoga in Goa India (I'll tell you all about the elephants later). 

When I'm not on my mat, you can find me traveling or hiking with my husband and our two very enthusiastic pitbulls, Louie Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. I grew up roaming around Red Rock Canyon and am an avid outdoors enthusiast who's fueled by Biggie Smalls, breakfast for dinner, and big, blue skies. Learn more about me at

Anatomy + Philosophy 

Kelsey Sellmann

As someone who's been dancing professionally since 2003, my journey into yoga started like so many others: with an injury. My mom suggested I take a yoga class with her as part of my rehabilitation, and the rest, as they say...well, you know the deal. I instantly fell in love with what yoga did not only for my body but for my mind—and yogic philosophy became a core part of my lifestyle. I've since attended multiple 10-day Vipassanā silent retreats and developed a daily meditation practice (an art I love sharing in our meditation workshops!).

With over 500 RYT hours, my yoga background includes traditional Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Yin, and Smart Flow. Regardless of what I'm teaching, though, my favorite part is always the growth, joy, and energy I get to tap into from helping practitioners like you (yes, you!) expand your practice and find a sense of purposeful play. Outside of the yoga studio, you'll find me hiking in the woods or wandering around a thrift shop (likely looking for a costume I can rhinestone). Fun fact: I actually completed my very first 200 RYT training with my mom and my brother. We're a tight-knit crew—what can I say?

Sequencing + Teaching Beginners

Nicki Taylor 

Meet our pranayama and Ayurveda expert, Autumn. A lifelong learner, Autumn’s foray into teaching was inspired by her constant thirst for knowledge. She has a honed knack for deconstructing complex concepts into relatable, digestible gems—and loves to make the ancient practices of breathwork and holistic healing accessible to everyone.

Her approach to teaching lies right in that ideal intersection of science and philosophy (her two passions)—and she focuses on offering students simple, honest ways to participate in their own understanding of both the tangible and esoteric. She encourages practitioners to peel back the layers of their inquiries and revelations from their yoga practice to witness that they are not, in fact, separate from the magnificent and vast findings of their daily lives.

Ayurveda + Pranayama

Autumn Rae

Meet the instructors who will become fast friends...

With over 10 years of experience teaching yoga, Lauren is all about compassionate, empowering teaching that helps her students see their full potential. She embraces personal modifications and emphasizes mindfulness—and, whether she's teaching yin or restorative, always incorporate a powerful sequence of asanas, breath, and meditation in her classes.

With her 500-hour certification and countless continuing-education hours over the past decade, Lauren is deeply experienced but teaches in a way that's as approachable as it gets. Like her personality, her teaching is driven by a sense of humor, humility, and honesty (hey, we like those things, too, Lauren!). In her free time, she's probably chasing around Miles and Maximilian (her dogs) or April and Kinglsey (her rabbits).


Lauren Verona

The MYC prenatal expert, Jacky is driven by the desire to share mindfulness and movement (and the magic it creates in your life) with everyone. She grew up as a professional dancer and performer, which sparked in her a deep appreciation for purposeful movement that eventually led to a love for yoga (that's a journey we can get behind).

In 2006, after leaving her hometown of Chicago and moving from the Windy City out west to Las Vegas, she began a consistent yoga practice that set her on the path to teaching. She earned her first yoga certification in 2010 and has been teaching prenatal yoga for over nine years. A mother of two (both born at home), Jacky loves few things more than helping people of all ages and abilities use yoga to maximize their potential—especially during their pregnancy. She knows the gifts yoga offers continue to give long after we step off our mats...and when she's off hers, you can find her dancing ballet, reading, or hanging with her family.


Jacky Pagone

Mara's journey into yoga began as one heavily focused in the Ashtanga method—but after years of practice, she's embraced and gained meaningful education in everything from Iyengar yoga and vinyasa flow to restorative and yin. As a 500 RYT, she's our Sanskrit and sutras expert and offers our students an insightful focus on philosophy and chanting.

One of her favorite methods to teach is hands-on recovery—a method that blends restorative and yin together with hands-on adjustments (a method she brilliantly adapted during the pandemic to allow students to perform their own adjustments effectively). When she's not supporting our students or teaching yogis across Las Vegas—you can find Mara fine-tuning an epic new movement method she developed that combines yoga, weight training, and mat pilates into one wildly effective play sesh.

hands on adjustments

Mara Francesca

Angela started her journey into yoga, health, and wellness over 25 years ago—following her love of movement after a long career as a professional dancer, dance instructor, and choreographer. Along her path, she decided she wanted to learn more about movement as therapy and how the body heals—so she went back to school, dove into the medical field, and began an extensive (over 10-year-long) career as a certified medical language specialist (RMT, CMT).

Learning to heal through functional medicine, yoga, meditation, and nutrition brought Angela a rare brand of strength, fearlessness, and joy—and she knew she wanted to share that feeling with others. So, she ventured into the yoga teaching world, received her SmartFLOW Yoga 200-hour certification in 2012 and 500-hour in 2016 with Annie Carpenter...and hasn't looked back since. Her classroom is always the most inviting balance of playful and purposeful, making Angela an especially effective teacher for beginner practitioners. She serves up endless expertise and incredible insight that stems from her medical background—while offering a light-hearted, safe, inclusive space for everybody and everybody. 

Teaching Beginners

Angela Albuquerque

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