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Discover the ultimate diamond in the rough for your yoga teacher training in Las Vegas. Embrace the desert vibes, find your yogi tribe, and experience the magic of the Mojave with Mojave Yoga Collective. Unleash your inner yogi and embark on a unique and humorous journey to becoming a certified yoga instructor in Sin City.

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Discover the path to choosing the perfect yoga teacher training that aligns with your aspirations and growth as a yogi. Embark on a transformative journey to deepen your practice, understand yoga’s essence, and find a nurturing environment for your teaching aspirations. Explore essential tips to make an informed decision and embark on a soulful path of sharing ancient wisdom with others.

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If you’re interested in yoga but not ready for a full blown teacher training, we feel you. This list is a great place to start your yoga deep dive. Some of these texts are traditional, some aren’t, and we did that for a reason. Here at the MYC we value tradition, but also recognize just […]

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Summer Solstice will always be one of my favorite days of the year. On the off chance we’re not friends yet, I love the sun, the desert heat, and the dog days of summer. And growing up with earth conscious hipppy parents, I was celebrating the summer solstice long before I had any true understanding […]

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Somewhere in the middle of 2020 I noticed my yoga practice was suffering. And when I say “suffering” I mean, I wasn’t practicing at all.



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Mojave Yoga Collective

A Las Vegas yoga teacher training for the curious, willing + adventurous. We're serious about yoga—not so serious about ourselves.